• Develpment & Maintenance Service

  • TUniverse is not a big software company. We are a "customer-orient" service company.

    We always take customer's benefit in the first position. We provide flexible approach to help our customers to reduce development and maintenance cost.

    Not only the human resource provider, we also are solution provider for customers. We have much experience in financial business work-flow. The service we provided is not only "PROGRAMMING" and also team work management. Our customers will reduce the complexity and cost from communication and schedule controlling.

    The skill set our employees have list below.
    • TEMENOS T24 desgin and development.
    • COBOL development in IBM and Unix platform.
    • Assembler development in IBM and Microsoft platform.
    • .Net development
    • Java development
    The common service we provide to our customers.
    • Quick response and catch up with customer's requirement.
    • Team work and resource handling management.
    • Weekly progress report.
    • Business solution suggestion.
    • Efficient communication with clients.
    • On time development delivery.
    The benefit our customers have.
    • No extra burden from human resource gap between peak and usual time.
    • Total cost cutting down.
    • No more problem with IT people education and training.
    • Focus on real profitable business model.
    • Flexible human resource handling according to corporation policy.