• Consulting and Training Service

  • The IBM MVSE/VSE system is a common platform for financial institutes especially for Bank. TUniverse has many years banking system experience in IBM platform. We have not only the technic skill but also business know-how. We have all aspects of understanding about banking system. We can cowork with customers to find out a suitable solution to implement special functionality and avoid certain technic bottle neck. No matter what kind of protocol - LU0 or LU2 and LU6.2 - is used in the existing system.

    The area of core banking system we involved before.
    Including -
  • Deposit
  • Lending
  • Remittance
  • ATM system
  • Accounting
  • SWIFT connection

  • COBOL is a common software language in IBM platform. Assembler is often used in critical section of banking system. Nowadys, there is few IT people who understand COBOL and Assembler. For IBM platform, we can provide such training service to our customers who want to have it's own resource.

    For TEMENOS T24 platform, most of codes are written by JBASIC with multi-values concept. There are many special features in JBASIC, there is no certain institute to train new people to understand how to write JBASIC code. TUniverse has also much experience in training people to step into JBASIC area - including basic training and advanced tech skill.

    The modules in T24 we involved before
    Including -
  • Initial system setting up
  • Customer
  • Limit
  • Account
  • Fund Transfer
  • Teller
  • AZ Account
  • Pastdue
  • Loans and Deposits
  • MD
  • SWAP
  • OFS interface
  • TCS connection
  • Version design
  • Enquiry design
  • JBase database
  • Web-Base client handling
  • COB handling
  • ATM interface system
  • SWIFT interface system

  • In T24 banking system, there are many flexibilites and different approaches to meet customer's business requirement. TUniverse has more than 4 years experience to customize T24 system to fulfil different kinds of customer's requirement. For chinese 2 bytes characters, we also have certain knowlege to help customer to eliminate the display problem between UTF-8 and Big5.

    TUniverse also has close relationship with TEMENOS,and we are willing to help all participants to get more benefit from TEMENOS T24 system.